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Both girls from litter "Hildebert's J 3..." (d.o.b. 16.04.2018.) are reserved already.

But this year we are planning another two litters:

1. Litter "Hildebert's K 3..." - in the middle of July

Sire: FCI-Centenary Winner, C.I.B., Multi CH Roy Hildebert's

Dam: LV, LT, EE, BALT CH, LV W'2017, LT JW'2017 Hildebert's Best Performance

2. Litter "Hildebert's L 3..." - in the middle of October

Sire: C.I.B., Multi CH, BY W'2013, LV W'2015 Klan Skorpiona Magnificent

Dam: C.I.B., Multi CH, ISPU CH, LV W'2016 Dr.Quinn From Dolina Rivendell


Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy!

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